Format of the Watchlist CSV File

You can import ticker symbols into your StockMarketEye Watchlists via Comma-separated values (CSV) files. You can create CSV files via most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, Numbers, or LibreOffice.

CSV Import Format

StockMarketEye reads your stock symbols from the CSV file, one symbol per line. Optionally, you may include additional columns in each line in order to specify additional information for the symbol. The data contained in each line of the CSV file must meet the specifications described in the sections below.

  • All columns must be present in each line of the CSV file, but values are only required for the Symbol column (first column).
  • The order of the columns in the CSV file must be the same as that specified in the table below.
  • All column values are optional, except for the first (Symbol) column.
  • You may include a “header” line, but it is not required. If the “header” line is included, the first cell must contain the word “symbol” or “ticker”.

Column Descriptions

Column Description
Symbol The ticker symbol to add to the Watchlist. The import will not warn about any symbols for which it can not retrieve quotes or historical data. This column is mandatory and must always contain a value.
Watch Start Price The starting watch price. If not specified, the current last-trade price will be used.
Watch Date The date on which you started watching this stock. Typically this corresponds to the date on which the stock traded at the Watch Start Price. If not specified, the current date will be used.
Comment Any comments you want to remember about this particular security. This column is optional and can be left blank.
Name The name of the company or fund represented by the ticker symbol. This column is optional and can be left blank.

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