How to Cancel Your Subscription

If you have an "Essentials" subscription, please see this page: Managing your StockMarketEye Subscription.

If you have a "Standard" subscription and would like to cancel your subscription to StockMarketEye so that you are not billed in the future, follow the steps below.

NOTE: Subscription billing is automatic, so be sure you cancel your subscription at least a few days before the expiration date shown on the License Details screen.

For more information about the StockMarketEye subscription, read the StockMarketEye subscription Frequently Asked Questions.

NOTE: The steps below are for StockMarketEye v5.1.3 and later. If you are running an earlier version of StockMarketEye, please update your version or contact us to cancel your subscription.

Canceling Your Subscription

1. Open the License Info page from the menu: Help -> License Info...

2. On the License Info page, you'll see information about your license, such as the license key, expiration date and subscription type.

3. When you have an active subscription, there will be a "Manage" link on the same line as the expiration date.  Click the "Manage" link to open a new page in your browser where you can manage your subscription.

4. The new page in your browser shows you information about your subscription and billing history. 

You can click on the "Edit Subscription to change your credit card or address. 

Clicking on the "Cancel Subscription" link to start the cancelation process.

5. After clicking on the "Cancel Subscription" link, you'll be asked to confirm the cancelation. Note that your subscription will be remain active until the end of the current subscription period. You are eligible for updates to the software through the end of the subscription period. If you click on the "Confirm" button, you will not be charged when your subscription ends.

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