Importing Your Data From a Brokerage with Direct Connect

You can import your investment data directly from supported brokerages via the "direct connect" method. Via the "direct connect" method, brokerages provide both your current holdings as well as historical transaction data from your account.

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How To Import from a Brokerage

1. Open StockMarketEye and use the menu: Portfolios -> Import from a supported Brokerage...

3. On the "Import your portfolio from a brokerage" screen, select your brokerage in the dropdown (#1). If your brokerage is not listed, feel free to contact us to see if we will be able to support it in a future version.

NOTE: Unfortunately brokerages outside the US can not be added. They do not support the "direct connect" protocol that StockMarketEye uses to download your data, so we are unable to add them as a supported "direct connect" brokerage. Please try using the Advanced Brokerage Import instead.

Next, enter the “Username” (#2) and “Password” (#3) you use to access your brokerage’s website. When you have entered your access information, click on the “Find Accounts” button (#4) to download the list of your accounts at this brokerage.

Note: Your brokerage access information is only used to download your accounts, current holdings and transactions. Your account number and username are saved within the StockMarketEye data files on your computer to facilitate future interaction with the brokerage. StockMarketEye will not store your brokerage password unless you check the box next to the option, "Remember this brokerage account password." 

Each account you select will be imported into a new StockMarketEye portfolio. The name of the new portfolio will be  account-number @ brokerage. For example, if your account number at Fidelity is 1234567890, the new portfolio will be called “ ”. You can change this name after the import.

Click the "Start Import" button to start the import.

After the import is finished, you can edit any of the data downloaded from the brokerage. In addition to being able to change the portfolio’s name, you can change transaction dates, symbols, purchase prices, transaction costs, etc.

You should also be aware of the placeholder transactions that StockMarketEye may have created. Brokerages often limit the historical transactions that can be retrieved. For example, a brokerage may limit the transactions to only those that have occurred in the past 90 days or 12 months. Due to this limitation, StockMarketEye may create placeholder transactions to fill the gaps as much as possible. You can read more about placeholder transactions in the section, Brokerage Import - Placeholder Transactions.

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