The Back-in-Time Report

The Back-in-Time (BiT) Report allows you to view your portfolio as it was on the close of trade on a specific day in the past. 

StockMarketEye computes how your portfolio looked on the selected date by using the transactions you have recorded as well as the historical quote data for the items in your portfolio on that day.

NOTE: if you see discrepancies between the BiT report and your Prices view, be sure to analyze your transactions to be sure that they are complete and correct, editing them if necessary. It is also possible that the Prices view has become out-of-sync with the transactions, in which case you should rebuild your Prices view from the transactions.

Note that BiT report processes the transactions in order, youngest to oldest, until it reaches the date selected in the report. What this means when you are in a Portfolio Group, is that the transactions from all of the underlying portfolios are processed together. If the same holding is held in multiple portfolios, transactions (such as a Sell, which is a first-in-first-out sale) may affect the shares purchased in another portfolio.

Opening the Back-in-Time Report

You can access the Back-in-Time report by clicking on the “Reports” button in the toolbar and selecting the “Back-in-Time” Report type from the dropdown menu.

Use the “Portfolio at close on” date tool to set the past date for which you’d like to see your portfolio. 

Click in the Date field to select a specific date. You can also use the buttons to the left and right of the Date field to move the selected date backward and forward by one month (M), week (W) or day (D).

Exporting to CSV

You can export the report to a CSV file for use in Excel, Numbers, LibreOffice or any other spreadsheet.

Saving as a PDF

You can also save the report to a PDF file.

Click the "More" menu on the right-hand side of the StockMarketEye window and then click on the Save as PDF... item.

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