Brokerage Import: Chase Investments

StockMarketEye can import brokerage accounts from Chase Investments. The import process is the same as for other brokerages, but the "direct connect" access must be setup in your Chase account first.

Setting Up Account Access in your Chase Account

1. Login to your Chase account.

2. Click on your profile ("head and shoulder" icon) and in the dropdown select "Profile and Settings" -> "Account Safe" -> "Desktop Software"

3. From "Desktop Software", click Next.

4. You will then be presented with the following information about setting up your account to allow access by software like StockMarketEye.

"Let financial management software access your Chase account information? Once you click "Set it up," you'll be able to connect your financial management software directly to your Chase accounts. Keep in mind: You'll need to contact Help & support if you want to remove the software's access to your accounts."

5. Click "Set it up" to allow access. Note that the activation can take a while to work through their system.

In some cases, you may also need to call their support line to have someone make the change. But generally the steps above will work.

Personal accounts have no charge for this access.

Business accounts have a $10 monthly fee for this access.

After The Setup Has Finished

After you have completed the above setup and the Chase system has finished the activation, you can use StockMarketEye's brokerage import to import your Chase account(s). Read more about the StockMarketEye brokerage import at the following page:

Importing your Data from a Brokerage

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