Updating your Portfolio from the Brokerage

Once you have imported your accounts from a brokerage, you should periodically update the corresponding StockMarketEye portfolios with the most recent transactions from your brokerage. To do this, you can use the brokerage update feature, which downloads all recent transactions and applies them to your portfolio.

Note that, at the earliest, new transactions will not be available through the brokerage update till several hours after the close of trade on the day they were made. For some brokerages, it may take several days before the transactions clear and are available for download.

For portfolios imported with the Advanced Brokerage Import, new transactions may not be available for 24-48 hours after the close of trade on the day they were made.

The brokerage update feature can be run individually on each separate portfolio, or on all your imported portfolios at once.

Updating One Portfolio

1. Click on the More button in the Portfolio's toolbar and then click on Update from Brokerage... from the menu.

2. Click on the Download Transactions button to start the update.

4. The downloaded transactions will be displayed and you can select which ones you would like to import. 

Updating All Portfolios

1. Click on the menu: Portfolios -> Update from Brokerages...

2. On the "Update All Portfolios From Their Brokerage" screen, select the portfolios you want to import. 

3. If you have not saved the passwords, you will need to enter them now by clicking on the Enter Password button in the Password column. If you need to change a saved password for a particular brokerage, click on the "Change" link in the Password column. 

4. Click the Start Update button to start downloading from the brokerages.

5. When StockMarketEye has finished downloading the updates for all portfolios, you can click on the changes to verify.

6. In the "Verify Transactions" window, check the box in the Import column to indicate that this transaction should be imported. Then click the Verified button.