Quotes Do Not Update Consistently

StockMarketEye downloads quotes, both live and historical, directly from Yahoo Finance or MSN Money. 

In some circumstances, Yahoo Finance may rate limit the amount of data you can download from them. Typical circumstances when this happens are if you are downloading a lot of live or historical quotes from them - either too many quotes at once or too frequently. In these cases, Yahoo will essentially block access to the quotes temporarily. It doesn't stay blocked for long, but they are essentially rate-limiting the data.

For other possibilities why quotes are not loading, see this section: Why aren't the quotes loading?

Are There Any Workarounds?

Here's a couple of things you can try to work around this.

  1. Raise the streaming quote time. By default quotes are reloaded very 5 minutes. If you have set this value lower in your Portfolios and/or Watchlists, we suggest raising it back to 5 minutes. That way you are downloading less frequently from Yahoo and there will be less of a chance that they will block the quotes. You change this setting in the Properties of the Watchlist or Portfolio.

    Alternatively, you can switch over to On-Demand quotes. This means StockMarketEye will update the quotes only when you click on the Get Quotes button in the toolbar.  You can do this individually by selecting the "On-Demand quote data" in the Properties (see screenshot above), or for all watchlist and portfolios via the Preferences -> Quotes -> Switch To On-Demand button (see screenshot below).

  2. Turn off the automatic historical quote updating at startup. By default, 30 seconds after startup, StockMarketEye will download any updated historical quotes for all ticker symbols you use. This can cause a lot of data to be downloaded from Yahoo, if you have a lot of ticker symbols or if you haven't used StockMarketEye recently (it will only download the historical quotes it does not already have downloaded). You can disable this feature in the Preferences -> Quotes tab, then uncheck the first box, "Update historical price data for all symbols at startup."

What Else Could be Causing Quote Problems?

Have a look at the page, " Why aren't quotes loading?" for more possibilities.

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