How Quote Downloading Works

StockMarketEye downloads quotes from data providers. Currently Yahoo Finance and Twelve Data are the 2 supported data providers.

Which data provider is used depends on the ticker symbol you are using. We recommend using Yahoo Finance ticker symbols (i.e. the ones in the symbol search dropdown that have a purple Y icon in front). Yahoo has the widest and deepest global securities coverage. However, in the case where Yahoo's coverage of a particular security is incomplete, you can use the Twelve Data ticker symbol (i.e. the ones with the blue circle with a 12 in it icon).

Live Quote Data

StockMarketEye downloads live quote data (i.e. current prices) from the data providers and displays it directly or uses it to calculate various values. Using the "Streaming" quote option, the quotes are downloaded periodically throughout the day. By default, the live quotes are downloaded by the individual watchlists and portfolios every 5 minutes. You can change this value higher or lower in the watchlist or portfolio's Properties -> Live Quotes tab.

Note that lowering the update interval could lead to issues loading the quotes. You'll find more explanation on this situation on the following page: Quotes Do Not Update Consistently.

For some markets, quote prices from Yahoo Finance and Twelve Data are delayed between 15-20 minutes; for other markets the prices are near real-time. If you need real-time quotes to make to-the-second purchase decisions, we recommend logging in to your on-line brokerage account where you usually receive real-time quotes and can make your final purchase decisions there.

Unfortunately, Twelve Data does NOT offer streaming for quotes and you have to click Get Quotes to update.

If a ticker symbol does not have coverage at Yahoo or Twelve Data, you can manually set the last price for it as described on the following page: Overriding the Last Price. This is useful for maintaining non-quoted or not publicly traded securities.

Shortly before the opening of the markets, StockMarketEye will reset the Change and Day% columns to 0, so that they start showing changes for the current day when the markets open. This is also the case for mutual funds (which are only priced once a day, about 2 hours after the close of trade) - Mutual funds will be reset before the start of trade so that the previous day's changes do not affect your Portfolio's current day Change and Day%. You can disable this feature by unchecking the box for the option, Enable automatic reset of the previous close values before the start of trade, at the bottom of the Live Quote Downloads properties tab.

Note that the iOS/Android app doesn't reset the quotes. For mutual funds, this means that the previous day's quotes will be visible throughout the next day till they are updated a few hours after the close of trade.

Historical Quote Data

StockMarketEye downloads historical price data from the data providers and stores this data on your computer. Shortly after StockMarketEye starts up, it will also try to download any historical quotes that it does not already have stored.

The historical price data is used to:

  1. Display the historical price charts (bottom portion of the StockMarketEye window).
  2. Calculate historical return values, often in conjunction with the transactions you have recorded.

If you are having problems viewing a ticker symbol's chart, you may need to reload the chart data as described here: Reloading Chart Data

If a ticker symbol does not have good coverage at Yahoo or Twelve Data, it is possible to import historical price data into StockMarketEye. This allows you to maintain charts and get return values for securities that are not covered by the data providers or which are not publicly traded. For more information on importing historical data, please see the page, Importing Historical Quotes from a CSV File.

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