Brokerage Import: Charles Schwab

StockMarketEye can import brokerage accounts from Charles Schwab. The import process is the currently the same as for other brokerages. Please see the section on the brokerage import in StockMarketEye for details.

Best Practices With Charles Schwab Brokerage Import

  • Importing or updating your account data from Schwab will take between 20 and 40 seconds. Please be patient and do not cancel the import while it is running.
  • Occasionally, we have found that transactions may be missing from the data downloaded from Schwab. StockMarketEye makes an effort to mitigate this from happening, but missing transaction data can still occur. We recommend that you verify the transactions downloaded from Schwab BEFORE applying them. 
    • If you are updating one account at a time, the "Verify Transactions" step shows you the list of transactions downloaded. If not all of the transactions that you expect are in that list, click the "Cancel" button and try the update again. Typically retrying will get the full list of available transactions, but be sure to verify them before clicking on the "Apply Transactions" button.
    • If you are updating all accounts at once, click on the "X new transactions" link for the Schwab accounts to view the transactions that were downloaded. If not all of the transactions you expect are shown, uncheck the box in the "Update" column for that Schwab account. After finishing the update for the other accounts, re-run the update for just the Schwab accounts and verify the transactions again.
  • Transactions are not immediately available for download in StockMarketEye. At the earliest, they will be available for download several hours after the close of trade on the day the trades were executed. However, they may take up to 2-3 business days before being cleared and made available for download by Schwab.

What To Do If You Applied Transactions, but Some Transactions Were Missing?

Unfortunately, we've found that sometimes Schwab does not return all available transactions. We therefore strongly suggest that you verify the transactions BEFORE applying them (as described above).

However, if you applied the transactions and then later realize that some are missing, you can follow the steps below to get them into your StockMarketEye portfolio.

  1. Re-import the Schwab account in question. This will create a new portfolio in StockMarketEye.
  2. In the new portfolio's Transactions report, locate the missing transactions. 
  3. Select those missing transactions in the Transactions report, right-click on them (-Click on a Mac) and select "Copy to...". Choose your original Schwab portfolio as the destination.

After that, you should have all of the transactions in your original Schwab portfolio. We suggest verifying that the Transactions report of the original Schwab portfolio has all of the transactions that you expect. If it does, you can delete the new Schwab portfolio that you just imported.

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