Finding Ticker Symbols

StockMarketEye provides built-in symbol search technology to help you get started quickly. When adding an item to a portfolio or watchlist, typing in the "Ticker Symbol" field will show a list of matching ticker symbols.

The search results display the ticker symbol, full name of the security and the exchange on which it trades. There is also an icon that represents the data provider associated with this ticker symbol - either Yahoo Finance (a purple Y) or MSN Money (a green butterfly). We recommend using Yahoo Finance ticker symbols, unless Yahoo Finance does not have coverage for your specific security.

Data Providers

StockMarketEye supports retrieving quotes from Yahoo Finance and MSN Money. Both providers have solid, broad coverage of most major world exchanges. We recommend using Yahoo Finance ticker symbols whenever possible as Yahoo generally has better live quotes, historical quotes and fundamental data. MSN Money ticker symbols are useful for when Yahoo does not offer coverage of a specific security or Yahoo's coverage of a specific security is incomplete.

When importing from CSV files, if you use MSN ticker symbols in the import, they will not be able to initially get updated quotes. So we strongly recommend using Yahoo Finance symbols when importing from CSV files (for watchlist CSV import or for portfolio transaction CSV import).

Finding the Securities You Are Interested In

To find the securities you're interested in, start typing in the "Ticker Symbol" field. You will get better search results if you search by the name of the security, rather than by ticker symbol (although typing the ticker symbol into the field will also work for Yahoo Finance ticker symbols).

Note that neither Yahoo Finance nor MSN Money support using ISIN numbers. Thus, we suggest searching by the name of the security to find the equivalent security.

I Can't Find the Security I'm Looking For

If you can't find the security you're looking for, here are 3 things you can try:

1. When searching, try different versions of the security name. The security names known by Yahoo Finance and MSN Money are sometimes slightly different (for example, they might use abbreviations), so sometimes you may need to try different variations on the symbol name to find the right security. This is more prevalent for mutual funds (that can have longer, often similar names) than it is with stocks.

2. Go to the Yahoo Finance or MSN Money websites and search directly there. For Yahoo Finance, you can use the exact ticker symbol you find on their page directly in StockMarketEye. For MSN Money, once you find the security there, use the name of the security on the MSN Money website to search in StockMarketEye.

3. If neither Yahoo Finance or MSN Money support the security you're interested in, you can still add it to your StockMarketEye portfolio and update its prices manually. For more information on keeping non-quoted securities in your StockMarketEye portfolio, have a look at our guides on "Tracking Bonds and Other Non-Quoted Securities", "Overriding the Last Price", and "Importing Historical Quotes from a CSV File".

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