How To Synchronize Data Between the Desktop app and the Android app

The following steps assume that you have your data already entered into the desktop version of StockMarketEye and would like to use the on-line synchronization service to get the data onto your Android device.  

If you already have your data in the Android device and want to synchronize that data to the desktop app, that is also possible, but the Android app is less powerful than the desktop version so it's better to maintain your data in the desktop app and then sync it with the Android app.

Steps To Synchronize

  1. If you have not yet created a StockMarketEye on-line sync account, you will need to create one now. This can be done in the Desktop app by using the menu: File -> On-line Synchronization... and then click on the green "Create Account" button.  Note that the email/password that you choose for this account will be used in both the desktop and Android versions. If you have already created an on-line sync account, use the "Email' and "Password" fields on that screen to login.
  2. Click the "Other Synchronization Actions" button and use the “Upload to Account” action. Wait till the upload is finished.
  3. Now on your Android device, open the StockMarketEye app, and go to the “Synchronization” tab.
  4. Tap the “I already have an account” button and login with the same email and password that you created and used in the desktop version.
  5. On the main “Synchronize” screen, tap the “Other Synchronization Actions” button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Now on the “Other Sync Options” screen, tap the “Download From Account” button.
  7. When the download is finished, your investment data will be on both the desktop and Android versions of StockMarketEye.

When you need to synchronize in the future, you can use the standard “Start synchronize now” button on the desktop and the “Synchronize now” button in Android. You may also want to consider always using the Upload sync from the desktop app and the Download sync from the Android app - more information on the Upload/Download sync can be found here.

If you have problems with data consistency between the desktop app and the Android app, please have a look at the steps on the following page - How To Fix On-Line Sync Data Consistency Issues.

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