What is a StockMarketEye Account?

StockMarketEye runs on your computer and stores its data locally on your computer's hard drive. Free stock quotes and "direct connect" brokerage data are downloaded directly from data providers and the brokerages to StockMarketEye on your computer.

StockMarketEye also provides some services which operate externally. In order to access and use these services in a secure manner, an account (i.e. username and password) is required. An example of this type of service provided by StockMarketEye is the Advanced Brokerage Import.
We refer to the account (i.e. username and password) used to access these external services as your " StockMarketEye Account". Having a StockMarketEye Account is required to use the StockMarketEye software and all its features.

Changing your StockMarketEye Account Password

Who is Auth0?

StockMarketEye uses Auth0 to provide account management for our users. You may see "auth0.com" or  "auth0user.net" in email addresses or on web pages that are for your StockMarketEye Account.
If you have any questions about your StockMarketEye account or the role Auth0 plays, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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