Managing your StockMarketEye Subscription

This page will show you how to manage your StockMarketEye subscription. How you do this depends on what type of subscription you have.

To see what subscription type you have, click on the Help -> License Info... menu. Then on the "Your StockMarketEye License Details" screen, look for the "Subscription" field. It will say either STANDARD ("Standard") or ESSENTIALS ("Essentials").

If you have a Standard subscription, use the following 2 links to learn more about how to manage your subscription.

Managing your Essentials Subscription

If you have an Essentials subscription, you can manage it via our subscription portal. The subscription portal is provided by our payment processor, FastSpring.

To access the portal, from StockMarketEye, click on the "Manage" button on the License Details screen. This will open the following page in your browser.

Enter the email address you used to purchase StockMarketEye into the "Email" field and click on the "Continue" button. An email will be sent to this email address.

In the email, click on the "Click here to manage your orders" link.

You will then arrive in our subscription portal where you can:

  • View your order(s)
  • Manage your subscription(s)
  • Update your payment method (i.e. credit card, PayPal, etc) and account details (i.e. email and postal address)

Viewing your Orders

On the "Orders" tab, you will see your recent orders for StockMarketEye, including your StockMarketEye license key. You can also get an invoice of your order from the "Order Invoice" link.

Managing your Subscription(s)

On the "Subscriptions" tab, you will see your active StockMarketEye subscriptions.

Clicking on the "Manage" button, you will see menu options for updating your payment information or canceling the subscription.

Updating your payment method and Account details

You can update your payment method on the "Account Details and Payment Methods" tab.

You can add, update or remove payment methods that will be used for the automatic subscription renewal payments.

You can also modify your "Profile", such as your email address and postal address.

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