The Advanced Brokerage Import

The Advanced Brokerage Import lets you import your accounts from thousands of brokerages around the world. Using a financial data aggregator,  StockMarketEye can import your investment accounts from most major financial institutions in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, India, South Africa and more.

If you are trying to decide whether to use the direct connect or advanced brokerage import, have a look at our comparison guide:

Getting Started

You'll need a StockMarketEye account to access the Advanced Brokerage Import. The StockMarketEye account lets you securely access your brokerage links and download their data.

If you have already created a StockMarketEye account and are logged in, when starting the Advanced Brokerage Import, you will be taken directly to the Advanced Brokerage Import screen.

If you need to login or create a new StockMarketEye account, click on the green "Sign Up / Log In" button. More information about creating and using the StockMarketEye account is available in our in our User's Guide: Creating and Managing your StockMarketEye Account

Linking a Brokerage

Once you've arrived at the Advanced Brokerage Import screen, follow these steps to link your on-line brokerage account(s) for use in StockMarketEye.

  1. On the Advanced Brokerage Import screen, click on the "Link Brokerage" button.

  2. To use the Advanced Brokerage Import, you must agree to the Terms of Use. Click on "Agree and continue..."

  3. In the "Link Your Brokerage" window, search for the name of the brokerage you want to link. There are thousands of brokerages available, so if you don't find the brokerage you are looking for at first, try searching with different parts of the institution's name or even the domain of the website where you log in.

  4. When you have found the brokerage you're looking for, clicking on it will bring up the screen to enter your username and password.

  5. Enter your username and password, then click on the "Submit" button.

  6. If logging in requires a 2nd authentication source (such as a code from a text message, email or smart phone app) you will be asked to enter that as well.

  7. When Yodlee has successfully authenticated you, the list of your accounts at this institution will be listed. StockMarketEye can only import "Investment" accounts. There may be other types of accounts listed, for example "Cash" or "Credit Cards", but StockMarketEye is not able to import those.

  8. Click the "Save & Finish" button to add the brokerage link.

  9. The "Link Your Brokerage" window will be replaced with the "You have successfully linked to your brokerage!" window. Click the "Close" button when you have read the information in this window.

  10. You'll now see the new brokerage link at the top of the Advanced Brokerage Import screen.

  11. To import accounts from this brokerage into StockMarketEye portfolios, please see the Import an Account using the Advanced Brokerage Import.

Learn more about the Advanced Brokerage Import

You'll find more information on using the Advanced Brokerage Import in the links below:

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