Import an Account using the Advanced Brokerage Import

After you have linked a brokerage, you can import any of the available investment accounts into a StockMarketEye portfolio.

  1. Expand the brokerage box so you can view the individual investment accounts available.
  2. Click on the blue "Import" button on the right-side of the line showing the account you want to import.

  3. StockMarketEye will download the account's data and create a new portfolio for that account.
  4. When the import is complete, you will see a green informational box. Please take note of the information presented there. You will also see a green "Go to Portfolio" button. When you click that button, StockMarketEye will switch to the main screen and show your newly imported portfolio.

Notes on account import

  • Our financial data aggregator, Yodlee, will usually be able to get the full set of available transactions and holdings immediately after import. However, occasionally, it may take 24-48 hours. If your portfolio in StockMarketEye does not look correct, you can try re-importing the account 1-2 days later to see if it has improved (see section below on re-importing accounts). If the re-imported portfolio still does not look correct, it may be that Yodlee has issues with importing from this brokerage. Please let our support team know and we can open a ticket at Yodlee about the issue. 
    • You can also try clicking on the 3-horizontal dots on the brokerage box and then click on the "Update credentials..." This will allow you to re-enter your username and password, which may help if Yodlee had a problem accessing your account.
    • Optionally, you can also try deleting the brokerage link and linking again - but note that it will the take another (up to) 48 hours for the data import.
  • You can always modify transactions as needed after they have been imported into StockMarketEye.
  • Be sure to periodically download the latest transactions from your brokerage account. See the next section for details.

Download updated data for an imported portfolio

Once an account has been imported into a StockMarketEye portfolio, you'll want to keep the data in the portfolio up-to-date. You can do this by periodically downloading the recent transactions for this account from the brokerage.

Downloading recent transactions should be done periodically. We recommend updating from the brokerage at least 1x per week. At a minimum, you should update 1x per month. Updating more than 1x per day is not needed as new transactions will only be made available by the aggregator once a day.

Re-Import an Account

It is possible to import a brokerage account more than once. This can be useful if the original import data was incorrect, such as if the data from the aggregator was inconsistent or incomplete; or if you wish to have multiple copies of the portfolio in StockMarketEye for comparison analysis or strategy testing.

Re-importing creates a new portfolio in StockMarketEye and does not alter in any way the previously imported portfolio(s).

  1. Expand the brokerage box so you can view the individual investment accounts available.
  2. Click on the button with the 3-horizontal dots just to the right of the green "Go to Portfolio" button. Then click on the "Import as New Portfolio" popup menu.

  3. StockMarketEye will download the account's current data and create a new portfolio for that account. The previously imported StockMarketEye portfolios will not be changed or altered.
  4. When the import is complete, you will see the green informational box. You will also see the green "Go to Portfolio" button, now with a dropdown arrow on the right side. When you click on this button, you will see a popup menu listing the portfolios that have been imported from this account. Click on the one you want to view on the main screen.

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