Connect Existing Portfolio to a Brokerage Account

Let's say you have an existing portfolio in StockMarketEye and you'd like to connect it to a brokerage account. For example, if you were manually maintaining a portfolio and would now like to connect it to the advanced brokerage import.

Once the portfolio is connected to a brokerage account, you can use the update from brokerage feature to pull in your recent transactions and keep the portfolio up-to-date.

The steps to make the connection are to import a new portfolio from the brokerage, then copy your transactions from the original portfolio into the newly imported one.

Detailed Steps

  1. Using the direct connect import or advanced brokerage import, import the account you'd like to connect into a new portfolio.
  2. In the newly imported portfolio, go into the Transactions report and delete all of the transactions.
  3. Go to your original portfolio and copy all of the transactions into the newly imported portfolio.
  4. In the newly imported portfolio, rebuild the Prices view from the Transactions.
  5. Going forward, use the update from brokerage feature periodically in order to keep your transactions up-to-date.

We recommend that you use and verify the new portfolio before deleting the original portfolio.

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