Update your Credentials for an Advanced Brokerage link

From time to time you may need to re-enter your brokerage account credentials for Advanced Brokerage import links.

  • You changed your brokerage password on the broker's website.
  • You are not getting expected transactions from the brokerage update feature.
  • The connection status for this brokerage link says the connection is not "normal".

Check the Connection Status

You can check the status of the Advanced Brokerage link from the "View Connection Status..." item in the brokerage item's menu. Click on the 3-horizontal dots, then on "View Connection Status..." from the popup menu.

After the connection status has been checked, you'll see a status window similar to this:

Update Brokerage Credentials

You can update the credentials that the Advanced Brokerage Import feature uses to access your brokerage account. 

1. Click on the 3-horizontal dots of the brokerage's box on the Advanced Brokerage Import screen, then choose "Update credentials..." from the popup menu.

2. In the Update Your Brokerage Link screen, enter your brokerage credentials (username and password). You may also need to enter multi-factor authentication (MFA, 2FA) if your brokerage account access is configured for that.

3. Once the credentials have been verified, you'll see a list of your accounts at the brokerage. Click on the Save & Finish button.

4. At this stage, you can then go back to the StockMarketEye portfolio in question and try the update from brokerage again. Sometimes you may need to wait 24 hours after entering the credentials before new data can be downloaded from your brokerage.

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