Customizable Data Columns

StockMarketEye has a many columns of predefined data and metrics. Most tables in StockMarketEye can be configured to your needs to show the data and metrics you're interested in.

Overridable Columns

Some of these columns can have their values overridden. For example, the "Dividend" column, which shows the stock's trailing-12-month dividend, can be overridden if you want to enter other dividend information.  

Here are some of the other columns whose values you can change:

See the page on editing values in-line for instructions on editing these columns.

Repurpose Columns

If you have additional data that you would like to enter into StockMarketEye, you can repurpose some of the editable columns for your needs. For example, CD maturity dates could go into the Comments or Sec Type column (they are text columns); your favorite metric that is not supported natively by StockMarketEye could go in the Target or Price Tgt 1y column (they are numerical columns).

The best place to save larger amounts of data is in the Comments field. This field is editable in the Details window. The first line of the Comments field will be visible in the Comments column.

For numerical data, we suggest trying the Target column or the "Price Tgt 1y" column.

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