Yahoo Finance Cookie and Privacy Policy

StockMarketEye downloads stock quotes, historical data, and other investment-related data from third-party market data providers, including Yahoo Finance. We don’t have control over Yahoo’s decisions and changes in their data, but we’re committed to finding solutions if ever there are changes to their policies.

Accept Yahoo Cookies to Access Their Stock Updates

In order to gain full access to Yahoo’s stock data and updates, you need to accept the cookies and privacy policy.

When you use Yahoo Finance Data within StockMarketEye, they use cookies to:

  • provide their sites and app to you
  • authenticate users, apply security measures, prevent spam and abuses, and
  • measure your use of their sites and apps

After you've downloaded StockMarketEye 5.7.0, you will see a pop-up explaining this information and Yahoo requires users to review their privacy and cookie policy. Find out more about Yahoo’s new privacy policy and cookie policy.

  • If the user clicks Accept All -> They proceed to the app & we save their cookie preference. They can see Yahoo data (this is required in order to run StockMarketEye properly when using Yahoo Finance as the data provider).

What Happens If You Don’t Accept?

If you choose not to accept Yahoo policy updates, you will no longer be able to access their stock data.

Change Your Cookie Preferences Inside the App

You can always change your preferences. Head to Settings > Quotes where you are able to see your current preference and click Change Preference to re-trigger the original popup. Remember to restart the app after you made any changes for them to activate.

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