Split a Dividend Between Reinvestment and Cash

Sometimes a dividend payment can be split between reinvesting in additional shares of the security and taking it as cash.  For example, some Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) only allow you to purchase whole numbers of shares. In this case, any portion of the dividend payment that is leftover after purchasing the additional shares will be payed to the investor as cash.

When a single dividend payment is used for both reinvestment and cash, it must be recorded in StockMarketEye as 2 separate dividend transactions - one dividend transaction to cover the reinvestment portion and another to cover the cash portion.

For example, let's say that you received a dividend of $100 from stock, XYZ, which is currently trading at $44 per share. Because your DRIP only allows you to purchase whole numbers of shares, the $100 dividend payment is used to purchase 2 additional shares for a total of $88 and the remaining $12 is payed out as cash.

In StockMarketEye, to record this dividend payment, you would add 2 dividend transactions - one reinvested dividend transaction for the $88 that was used to purchase 2 additional shares of XYZ, and another, separate cash dividend transaction for $12.

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