How to Upgrade To StockMarketEye 5

Follow the steps below to start using the latest version of StockMarketEye. You’ll be using the great new features in no time!

Step #1: Quit StockMarketEye

Note: Be sure to quit StockMarketEye before installing and running the new version!

StockMarketEye 5 will not run if the old version is currently running.

Step #2: Download and Install StockMarketEye 5

StockMarketEye 5 for Windows

StockMarketEye 5 for macOS

StockMarketEye 5 for Linux

I am Trialing StockMarketEye

If you have not yet purchased StockMarketEye, your trial period will be extended within StockMarketEye 5 to a full 14 days. You can purchase the subscription for $74.99 / year.

Step #3: Purchase the Upgrade

1. From within StockMarketEye 5, use the menu, Help -> Upgrade Now!

Note for trial users: the menu will be to purchase a new license, rather than upgrade.

Upgrade Purchase for StockMarketEye 5

2. The purchase page on the StockMarketEye website will open in your web browser. You will see the subscription pricing details. Click on the “Buy Now” button to start the purchase process.

Purchase SME Subscription

3. Follow the instructions on the purchase page to fill in your details and complete the purchase. After the purchase has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Pay for the SME Subscription

4. When you have received the confirmation email, click on the “Validate License” button in the StockMarketEye window.

Validate License for StockEyeMarket 5

5. Then enter the license key you received via Email. The “License Key” field will already be filled with your license key, but if the license key you received via Email is different, erase the value here and copy/paste the one from the Email into the “License Key” field.

Enter License Key to Validate Upgrade

6. After successful validation, you’re ready to go. Thank you for upgrading!

Your Upgrade to SME 5 is Validated


  • You can continue to use the previous version if you do not wish to upgrade. If you have already installed the upgrade but would like to go back to the previous version, please see the section below.
  • Your existing StockMarketEye data is stored separately from the application itself, so you can safely uninstall the old version beforehand. It is possible to install over the old version (i.e. without uninstalling first), but we recommend you first uninstall the old version, then install the new one.
  • The first time you run StockMarketEye 5, it makes a copy of your data for use in StockMarketEye 5. You will have the same watchlists, portfolios, transactions, alerts, etc, as you did in the old version of StockMarketEye.

Want to keep your old version of StockMarketEye?

We do want to let our users know that we no longer maintain, update, or otherwise make changes to the old versions of StockMarketEye.

⚠️ Note that we will no longer be making any changes to older versions of StockMarketEye. This means that they will continue to run as-is. However, if something out of our control changes (for example, if Yahoo Finance changes its quote feed), older versions may stop working properly.

Still Hazy on How to Upgrade Your Software?

Head on over to our help section for more details and instructions on upgrading and using the more powerful version of StockMarketEye.

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