How To Transfer Holdings Between Portfolios

Transferring holdings between 2 brokerage accounts is a common occurrence. Whether for brokerage consolidation or other reasons, the following article will show you how to make the transfer between 2 StockMarketEye portfolios.

You can move holdings between StockMarketEye portfolios in 2 ways:

Possibility #1: Transfer Your Current Holding Only

When you transfer just the current holding, you are moving the currently held lots of the security from the original portfolio to the new portfolio. StockMarketEye will record a "Shares Out" transaction in the original portfolio and a "Shares In" transaction in the new portfolio. You can choose to leave the cost basis of the transferred shares the same (default) or have StockMarketEye update the cost basis of the new shares to the current market price.

To start the transfer, select the item you want to transfer in your portfolio's Prices view. This can be an individual lot or an aggregate lot (i.e. one that can be expanded to show all sub-lots). If an aggregate lot is selected, all sub-lots will be transferred. 

Then right-click (or CMD-Click on Mac) and in the popup menu, use Transfer to... 

When ready, click the OK button.

StockMarketEye will now record a "Shares Out" transaction in the original portfolio for the selected holdings. It will also record a "Shares In" transaction in the new portfolio for the selected holdings. The date of both transactions will be the date set in the "Transfer to..." window.

The transaction history of the original and new portfolios will be changed only with the addition of the "Shares In" and "Shares Out" transactions.

Benefits of Transferring Only the Current Holding

The benefit of this method is that it works very similarly to how a normal transfer between brokerages works. The selected current holdings are simply sent out of one account and appear in the new account. 

However, often times this transfer between brokerages will not preserve your cost basis, and if you are closing the account at the same time, you will lose access to the transaction history of those holdings (i.e. their former buys, sells, dividends, etc). Without this transaction history, StockMarketEye won't have an accurate count of total return and other metrics that require more than just the cost basis of the holding to calculate.

Possibility #2 : Transfer Current Holding and Its Full Transaction History

The other option when transferring holdings between accounts, is to move the complete transaction history of a holding from one portfolio to another. With this method, no additional transactions are recorded. All transactions for a particular holding are moved from the original portfolio and added to the new portfolio. The new portfolio will end up with the same current holdings as from the original portfolio, and you will maintain the historical record of buys/sells/dividends/etc for this holding in the new portfolio, which allows StockMarketEye to accurately calculate total return and other metrics.

The downside of this method is that the transfer itself, including the date of the transfer, is not recorded. You can enter a comment in the transactions to note that they came from another portfolio, but StockMarketEye does not record any "Shares In" or "Shares Out" transactions to signify that the transfer took place.

Transfer Full History

As with Option #1, in the Prices view, select the holding you want to transfer. This can be an individual lot or an aggregate lot (i.e. one that can be expanded to show all sub-lots). If an aggregate lot is selected, all sub-lots will be moved. 

In the "Move to another Portfolio" window, select the target portfolio. Be sure to leave the box unchecked for the option, "Adjust the cash balance of the receiving portfolio by the net total of the selected transactions." Typically this box should be left unchecked, otherwise the receiving portfolio's Prices view may become out-of-sync with its transactions. (You can rebuild the Prices view if this happens to you.)

Click "OK" to move the selected items.

Transfer remaining transactions from the Transactions report

Moving from the Prices view only moves the current holdings and their associated purchase transactions. To be sure that all of the transactions associated with the selected symbol have been moved, go to the Transactions report of your original portfolio and filter for the ticker symbol you want to transfer.

Be sure to set the "Symbol" filter to the ticker symbol you want to transfer, and the "Range" filter to "All" so you will see all of the remaining transactions for this holding.

Any transactions for this symbol that were not already moved will be visible in the Transactions report. 

Select all of those transactions, then right-click on them and select "Move to..." from the pop-up menu.

You will then see the "Move to another Portfolio..." window. Select the target portfolio. Be sure that the option, "Apply the transactions in the selected portfolio, creating/removing items and updating the cash balance as necessary." is not checked as we do not want to apply these transactions there.

When the move has been completed, the full transaction history of your holding will be in the other portfolio.

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