Chart Data For A Symbol Is Not Available Or Out Of Date

StockMarketEye tries to automatically maintain the historical price data used to display the stock charts. By default, shortly after you start StockMarketEye, it will try to download the latest historical quotes for all of the ticker symbols in your watchlists and portfolios. The historical data is then saved in your StockMarketEye data files in order to reduce the amount of data StockMarketEye has to download in the future.

However, you may occasionally see the following message in the chart area:

Chart data for <Ticker> is not available.

There are a few reasons you might see this message.

  1. There are times when the historical data for a ticker symbol is not available from the data provider (Yahoo Finance). This is the case for manually managed ticker symbols, unknown ticker symbols and securities for which the data provider does not have good coverage. In this case, StockMarketEye will display the message " Chart data for XYZ is not available." in the chart area.
  2. If StockMarketEye had problems downloading the historical data from the data provider, your particular ticker might be inadvertently marked as invalid. StockMarketEye would then show the "Chart data not for XYZ is not available" message.  This issue can be solved by forcing a reload of the chart data (described below).
  3. If StockMarketEye can't download recent historical data for whatever reason, the charts may become out of date. In this case, you may also want to try forcing a reload of the chart data (described below).

Force Reload Chart Data

If StockMarketEye had trouble downloading the historical price data for a security, and the chart shows the "Chart data for XYZ is not available" message or is otherwise out-of-date, you can try to force the re-download of the ticker symbol's historical data.

Reload Chart Data For All Securities

You can also remove all historical data for all ticker symbols from the StockMarketEye data files and re-download that data. This is not normally necessary as StockMarketEye tries to keep the data up-to-date automatically. 

Note that re-downloading all historical data will take a lot of time if you have many ticker symbols and is generally not recommended.

First you need purge the old historical data. To do this, open the Preferences window and go to the Quotes tab.

Then click on the "Purge All Historical Price Data" button, then on the "Purge Unknown Symbols List" button.

Finally, click on the "Update All Symbols Now" button to start re-downloading the historical price data for all ticker symbols.

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