How To Fix On-Line Sync Data Consistency Issues

If you're having trouble with the on-line sync, either because you receive an error message or because there are differences in the data from one device to another, follow the steps below to help resolve the issue.

1. Rebuild Your Portfolios from their Transactions

Sometimes, the Prices view of your portfolio can get out of sync with the portfolio's transactions. When this happens, you might see differences in values between the desktop app and the mobile apps. To remedy this situation, you should rebuild the Prices view from the Transactions in all of the portfolios where you're seeing discrepancies. If you're seeing a discrepancy in the summary portfolio in the mobile app, you should rebuild all of the individual portfolios. See this page for more information about rebuilding the portfolios:

Rebuild your portfolio (Prices view) from the Transactions

After you have rebuilt the portfolios, follow steps #2 and #3 below.

2. Optimize your data

You should optimize your StockMarketEye data. This will remove any unnecessary data that has built up over time and will improve the speed of the syncing process. See this page for how to optimize your StockMarketEye data:

How To Optimize Your StockMarketEye Data

3. Use the "Upload" Sync from your Main Computer

After rebuilding and optimizing, use the Upload sync, rather than the standard "Synchronize Now". From the main computer where you have a full and complete copy of your StockMarketEye data, open the on-line sync screen, then click on the "Other Synchronization Actions" button, then use the "Upload" sync.  Then on the other computers or devices, use the "Download" sync. See this article for more information:

How To Use the Upload/Download Sync

4. Use the Download Sync from your other Computers or Devices

After using the "Upload" sync from your mail computer, go to your other computers and devices and open the on-line sync screen there. Then click on the "Other Synchronization Actions" and use the "Download" sync. See this article for more information:

How To Use the Upload/Download Sync

5. Re-install the App

If there are still differences in your data from one device to the other after having run the upload/download sync from steps #3 & #4 above, try deleting the iPhone or Android app and re-installing it from the App store. Then login again to the on-line sync in the newly re-installed app and use the "Download" sync to pull your data from the on-line sync service. 

Have a look at this article if you have forgotten or need to reset your on-line sync password

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