The StockMarketEye Log Files

The StockMarketEye log files contain technical information about what StockMarketEye is doing while it runs. These files are often helpful in determining the cause of problems you might be having with StockMarketEye.

Here are the steps:

  1. Reproduce the issue first (very important to record the issue within the log files).
  2. Click Help > Show Logs in Explorer...
  3. Open "log" folder.
  4. Copy sme.log, sme-sync.log and sme-ui.log files
  5. Attach these log files in an email and send them to

You can access the StockMarketEye log files by using the menu: Help -> Show Logs in Explorer...

OR Help -> System Info...

On the "System Information" page, click on the Logs link to open the log folder and view the files that are in it.

Note: The examples below in the screenshot are for Windows. Please see below for macOS and Linux.

  • sme.log - lower level StockMarketEye logs.
  • sme-ui.log - higher level StockMarketEye logs.

How to find the log files when StockMarketEye does not start

If StockMarketEye will not start or for some other reason you can't access the System Information screen, you can locate the log files on your computer manually. 

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Linux (all versions)
  • /home/<your user>/.config/StockMarketEye5

Please see the following link for more details on where the log files are stored on your computer:

Where are the StockMarketEye data files stored?

Sending The Logs To Support

The StockMarketEye support team will often ask you to send the log files to them in order to help diagnose any problems you might be having. If you know what action causes the problem, before sending the log files, please repeat that action in the StockMarketEye window.

To send the log files to the StockMarketEye support team, the preferred way is to attach the “sme.log” and "sme-ui.log" files to an email. You can also copy-paste their entire contents of the file into an email.

To access the files for attachment, first click on the log folder (as shown above), then in the new window you will be able to drag the files to the email.

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