How To Switch Themes

StockMarketEye comes with 2 visual themes: A light them and a dark theme.

You can switch the theme currently in use by opening the Preferences screen and going to the "Interface" tab.

Notes for macOS Mojave Users

On macOS Mojave and later, the theme used by StockMarketEye is controlled by the macOS theme. If you are using the light macOS theme, StockMarketEye will use the light theme. If you are using the dark macOS theme, StockMarketEye will use the dark theme.

You can change the macOS theme in the System Preferences -> General -> Appearance.

It is also possible to set the theme specifically even when on macOS Mojave and later. If you are running StockMarketEye on macOS Mojave or later, you will see 3 options for setting the theme:

The "macOS Theme" option means StockMarketEye will follow the macOS theme. This is the default.

You can also set it specifically to the "Light Theme" or the "Dark Theme". If either of these 2 options are selected, changing the macOS theme will not have any effect on StockMarketEye.

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