How To Configure Columns

The columns of most tables can be changed to show you more and/or different data. You can add/remove columns as well as change the column’s order. Here's more detailed information on each Portfolio Columns.

How To Add/Remove Columns

To add or remove columns, hover the mouse over the column headers, then click on the 3-horizontal bars icon that appears on the right-hand side of the column over which you are hovering. The column configuration window will then open.

In the column configuration window, you can add, remove or re-order the columns:

  • Click on the "+" symbol in the "Available Columns" list to add a column to the "Visible Columns" list.
  • Click on the "-" symbol in the "Visible Columns" list to remove a column.
  • Click and drag the 6-dot icon just to the left of the column name in the "Visible Columns" list to reorder the columns.
  • Search for columns by name by typing into the search field at the top of the "Available Columns" list.

You can copy the column configuration from another watchlist or portfolio to the current table.

  1. Open the column configuration window and click on the "Copy from" button on the bottom right corner. You will see a menu of options from which to copy the column configuration.

  2. Click on "Other ... Columns..." to select the table from which you want to copy the column configuration.

  3. Click on the "Default Columns" to take the default set of columns for this view.
  4. The copied column configuration will be shown in the "Visible Columns" list in the column configuration window. You can also make changes here if you want to customize the configuration for this specific table.

Copy Columns To Other Tables

You can also copy the columns of the current table to 1 or more other tables.

  1. Click on the 3-horizontal-bars icon in a column header of the table you want to copy, then select "Copy columns to...".

  2. Then in the copy configuration window, select the views to which you want to copy this configuration. You can select multiple views at once.

Reordering Columns

Resize Columns

You can resize a column in a view by clicking and dragging the column separator to the left or right.

Notes on Column Configuration

  • Each type of view has its own set of “Available Columns”. Many columns can be used in both Watchlists and Portfolios. But portfolios, for example, will have additional columns for information such as purchase price and cost basis, while watchlists will have columns for watch start and watch %.
  • The order and size of the columns can be different for every table.
  • When using the "Autosize All Columns" or "Autosize This Column" item in the column header popup menu, StockMarketEye will compute an optimal width for the column based only on the currently visible rows of data. The text in the header and the data in any currently non-visible rows will not be used when calculating the optimal width. This may lead to very narrow columns if there is no data in the currently visible rows. You can always manually resize the columns by dragging the separator between column headers.

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