Entering your License Key

You can activate the purchased version of StockMarketEye by entering your license key.

There are multiple ways of getting to the license key entry window.

  1. If you are on the Trial version, you can use the menu: Help -> License Info... Then on the License Details screen, click on the "Enter License Key" button.

  1. All of the Information and Warning screens that are displayed if your license key will expire or has expired also have an "Enter License Key" button on them.

The License Key Entry Screen

To activate StockMarketEye with your license key, copy/paste the license key into the "License Key" field.

Also be sure to check the "I understand and agree" box so that StockMarketEye can verify the license key on our servers.

When the license key has been validated, StockMarketEye will display the thank you message. Click the "Done" button to move back to the main StockMarketEye screen.

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