Reloading Chart Data

StockMarketEye automatically downloads the data necessary to display a stock’s chart.

However, in certain cases, the automatic download may not work properly and you may see a chart that is not up-to-date or not shown at all (message: Chart data for XYZ is not available.)

Force Reload

You can force StockMarketEye to reload the data for a chart (single security or portfolio charts) by using the chart menu: Gears -> Reload Chart Data.

This will remove any existing data for the currently selected ticker symbol, then download it again from the data provider.

Reload All Symbols

It is also possible to reload all ticker symbols at once. 

NOTE: Reloading all symbols can take a lot of time to complete if you have many different ticker symbols in your portfolio.

To reload all symbols, open the Preferences screen and then click on the Quotes tab.

Then click on the following buttons in this order:

  1. Purge All Historical Price Data
  2. Purge Unknown Symbols List
  3. Update All Symbols Now

After clicking on the 3rd button, StockMarketEye will start to download the complete historical data for all ticker symbols found in your data files (from Watchlists, Portfolios and Transactions). It will take some time to complete, so please be patient.

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