Move your Data to a New Computer

You can copy your StockMarketEye data from one computer to another using the steps outlined below. 

Your StockMarketEye data is portable and can be used on any computer, regardless if it’s a Mac, Windows or Linux computer.

  1. On the old computer, make a backup of your StockMarketEye data by using the menu: File -> Back Up...
  2. Copy the backup file created in step #1 to the new computer and save it somewhere convenient, such as on your Desktop.
  3. On the new computer, run StockMarketEye.
  4. Enter your license key into StockMarketEye using the steps outlined in the Entering your License Key page of the User’s Guide. If you have any problems with the license key validation, please contact our support team.
  5. After the license key has been validated, restart StockMarketEye.
  6. Still on the new computer, use the menu, File -> Restore Backup... When prompted for the backup file, select the backup file that you copied from your old computer in step #2.
  7. Restart StockMarketEye when the restore process has completed.
  8. You should now have a complete copy of your StockMarketEye data on your new machine.

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