Overriding the Last Price

If you have followed the guide for Tracking Bonds and Other Non-Quoted Securities, or if you simply want to experiment with different prices for a stock, you can change the value in the “Last” column.

When you have changed the “Last” value, a small asterisk will appear in the cell denoting that the value has been edited manually. The other values in that line that are calculated from the “Last” price will also update.

To edit the “Last” price, first select the line to edit, then click in the cell of that line. Enter the new Last price and press return.

If you no longer want the manually entered value, but would like to return to the current price for this stock, edit the value again, deleting the manually entered value so that the field is empty. Then press return.

Why is the Last price not updating?

If you see an asterisk in the "Last" column for one of your holdings, it means that the Last price has been overridden manually. Follow the steps above to remove the overridden price and go back to the downloaded price.

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