Starting from Scratch Using a Backup File

Some technical problems are best solved by starting from scratch and then restoring your data from a backup file.

Before You Start

Be extra certain that you have a recent backup file of your StockMarketEye data. If you do not have a backup file on hand, there are 2 options for getting one:

  1. Create a backup file manually by following the instructions in the section, Backing Up and Restoring Your Data, of our User’s Guide.
  2. Use one of StockMarketEye’s automatic backup files. See the section on Where Are the StockMarketEye Data Files to find where the automatic backup files are stored.

Solution Steps

  1. Make sure you have your backup file in a convenient location, such as on your Desktop or in your Documents folder.
  2. Move your StockMarketEye data files to the Trash. Where are my StockMarketEye Data Files stored? We suggest moving the entire "StockMarketEye5" folder to the Trash, but at a minimum you need to move the "db" folder (that is within the "StockMarketEye5" folder) to the Trash.
  3. Start StockMarketEye. You will now have the default StockMarketEye portfolios and watchlists, and you will be running under the trial license.
  4. Install your StockMarketEye license key as described on this page of our user’s guide. Be sure to restart StockMarketEye after the license key has been validated. If you have problems with the license key validation, please contact our support team.
  5. Restore your StockMarketEye data using the menu: File -> Restore Data... You’ll find more information on restoring from backup here.
  6. After the restore is finished and you have restarted, you should have your StockMarketEye data back and ready to use.

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