How To Change The Memory Usage Settings

Certain parts of StockMarketEye are written in Java and as such, their memory usage is constrained to the amount of memory specified when StockMarketEye starts. This is useful as you know that these parts of StockMarketEye will never take more memory than specified.

By default, StockMarketEye is configured to use a maximum of 512MB of memory. The default 512MB setting could potentially be too small if you have a large number of items in your watchlists and portfolios. If this is the case, StockMarketEye may run very slowly. It may take much longer than normal to update the prices. It may also be unresponsive to your input (clicking and typing). And some features, such as market value charts or the Summary report, may not work at all.

If your computer has enough physical memory (RAM), you can raise the memory limit on these portions of StockMarketEye which may help things to run normally. Here’s how.

Setting a Memory Limit for the Java portion of StockMarketEye

To override the default memory limit setting, you will need to edit the "sme-ui-storage.json" file. This file is located in the StockMarketEye configuration folder.

Be sure to quit StockMarketEye before editing this file.

To find this file, click on the link for the "Configs" in the Help -> System Info... screen.

Open the "sme-ui-storage.json" file with a text editor and then add the following line as the 2nd-to-last line of the file:

"backend-max-memory": "1G"

Be sure that you add a comma (,) to the end of the line preceding the line you just added. 

In the example above, we have set the memory limit to 1 Gigabyte ("1G"), doubling the default amount. The value you set can be as high as you want but can not exceed the amount of physical memory (RAM) you have in your computer. Typically you will want to have at least a margin of 2-3G of memory between this setting and the physical memory in your computer.

Here are some potential values you might consider using:

  • "512M" (this is the default value)
  • "756M"
  • "1G"
  • "1536M"  (this is the largest value that can be used in the Windows version)
  • "2G"  (this value and larger are only available in the Mac and Linux versions)

When you are done, the "sme-ui-storage.json" file should look something like the following screenshot. Note that the text added to this file is highlighted, including the additional comma on the preceding line.

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