Tracking Non-Investment Accounts (Checking/Savings/etc)

StockMarketEye is primarily used to track your investment accounts. However, you can also include non-investment accounts, such as checking or savings accounts, in StockMarketEye to get a more accurate picture of your entire net worth.

There are a couple of ways you can include non-investment accounts in StockMarketEye.

1. Individual Non-Quoted Holding per Account

One option is to create a separate portfolio to hold all of your non-investment accounts. This portfolio would have one holding per non-investment account. You would record these holdings as non-quoted holdings. Each holding would be priced at 1.0 and have the number of shares corresponding to the total amount of capital you have in that account.

To manage the amount of money in each holding, you can use "Shares In" or "Shares Out" transactions to add/remove capital from that holding. The "Shares In" transaction can be added using the "Buy" button on the toolbar and changing the Type dropdown on the Purchase Details screen to "Shares In". The "Shares Out" transaction can be added using the "Sell" button on the toolbar and changing the Type dropdown on the Sale Details screen to "Shares Out".

2. Separate Portfolio per Account

You can create a separate portfolio for each non-investment account. This portfolio would not have any holdings, but just the Cash balance and Total line. 

You can manage the Cash balance of this portfolio, such as depositing, withdrawing or recording interest payments from the Portfolio's toolbar. Click on the "Other" button, then select "Add Cash Transaction". This will open a window where you cam enter the details of the transaction. See this page for more details on managing the Cash balance of your portfolio.

If you have more than one non-investment account, you can group their StockMarketEye portfolio's together into a Portfolio Group. This allows you to see totals from all of the portfolios in the Group together.

3. Add a Non-Quoted Holding to an Existing Portfolio

You can also add a non-quoted holding that represents the value of a non-investment account to an existing portfolio. The number of shares that you own of this holding should be equal to the total monetary value of the non-investment account. The share price would always be 1.0.

See this page for more information on creating non-quoted holdings.

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