Changing the Default Currency

By default, StockMarketEye creates portfolios with US Dollars as the currency. You can change this, as well as the currency used in the top-level "Portfolios" group.

Open the StockMarketEye “Preferences” screen. On a Mac you can do this from the menu: StockMarketEye -> Preferences…. On Windows or Linux, use the menu: File -> Preferences….

In the “General” tab, you’ll see the “Currency Settings” block. There are 2 settings here you can change. The first is the “Currency for top-level ‘Portfolios' group". The second is the "Default initial currency for Portfolios" option. 

You can change these by clicking in the field and selecting the currency from the list. You can search in the list by typing the name of the currency you're looking for.

Click the Done button on the Preferences screen for the changes to take effect.

If you now click on the top-level “Portfolios” item in the list on the left-hand side of the StockMarketEye window, you’ll see the Portfolios group’s Totals view and the values will be displayed in the currency you selected. You may wish to add the "FX" column so you can see the exact exchange rate that StockMarketEye uses when converting from another currency.

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