Modifying a Transaction from the Transactions Report

It is possible to modify the details of any transaction found in the Transactions report. You can modify placeholder transactions or any other transaction that has been imported or manually entered.

The following steps shows you how you can modify the details of a transaction in the Transactions report.

1. Open the Transactions report and locate the transaction you want to modify. If you are looking for any placeholder transactions, they can be found at the top of the list (earliest dated transactions) and will have a valid of 0 in the “Price” column.

You can also use the filters on the toolbar of the Transactions report to locate and find the transactions you're interested in. You can select the symbol or symbols you want to see, or just the specific transaction types (Buy, Sell, etc) that you want.

2. Select the placeholder transaction or other transaction you want to modify, then click on the “More” menu on the right-hand side of the toolbar and select the “Show transaction details...” item. The Purchase Details window will open and you can see the details of the transaction.

3. The Purchase Details window allows you to modify all editable fields or the transaction. 

If you are modifying a placeholder transaction, look up the purchase date and purchase price of your holding. You may be able to find this in your account at the broker’s website, or you may have to look in your past brokerage statements.

  1. If the holding was purchased all at once on one day (as a single lot), change the “Date” and “Price” fields in the Details window to match the data from your brokerage.
  2. If the holding was purchased on multiple days for multiple prices (as multiple lots), use the average purchase price of those shares in the “Price” field. For the “Date” field, you could use either the date of the most recent purchase of that holding (better if you have made multiple major purchases) or the date of the oldest purchase of that holding (better if you have only 1 major purchase and multiple re-investment purchases).
  3. You may also wish to set the “Commissions” and “Fees” fields, based on the information you find at your brokerage.

4. Once you have finished modifying the information in the Purchase Details window, click on the "Update" button to save the modified details. The transaction will have been updated in the Transactions report. If the transaction was the purchase transaction for a current holding in the Prices view, that holding will have been updated as well.

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