Why aren't the quotes loading?

StockMarketEye loads current quotes automatically or when you click on the "Get Quotes" button in the toolbar. 

If you are experiencing a situation where the current quote information is not updating, the following potential reasons and fixes might help.

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Potential Causes and Solutions of Quotes Not Loading

  • Check that the market is open today. Quotes will not update on days when the markets are not open, such as holidays or weekends. The New York Times has a list of market holidays available.
  • Check your internet connection. StockMarketEye downloads quote data from the internet and needs an active internet connection to do that. Check that your computer is connected to the internet and that you can view sites like Yahoo Finance or Twelve Data in your browser.
  • Check your anti-virus or firewall software. Sometimes overly cautious firewalls or anti-virus software can block StockMarketEye from downloading. In this case, you'll need to either turn off the firewall/anti-virus software or add StockMarketEye to your software's whitelist to allow it to access the internet.
  • Click the "Get Quotes" button. By default Portfolios and Watchlists are configured to automatically download quotes every 5 minutes. However, clicking the "Get Quotes" button will make StockMarketEye download quotes immediately. This is useful if you have turned off the automatic quote loading or want to see if there have been changes since the last automatic download.
  • Delayed Quotes. The websites from which StockMarketEye downloads quotes may provide delayed quotes - typically 15-20 minute delays. If you are looking at the pricing in the first 15-20 minutes after market open, the quotes may not show due to these delays.
  • Quotes for 1 ticker symbol are not working, but all others are. This situation may be an issue with the specific ticker symbol (change of ticker symbol, delisting, suspended trading, etc). Check Yahoo Finance to see if the quotes there are updating for this specific ticker symbol.
  • Quotes for some ticker symbols are not working, but others are. This situation may be an issue with the ticker symbols from a particular region/market (Canada, Europe, Australia, etc), for example, due to a market holiday or data provider issues in that specific market. Check the Yahoo Finance website to see if the problematic ticker symbols are updating correctly there.
  • Is there an asterisk in the Last cell for this stock? The asterisk means that the Last price was set manually.  

    Quotes load correctly, but go back to 0% after a few minutes. In cases like these, there is limited action we can take as the absence of data is beyond our control since this is an issue with both Yahoo Finance and TwelveData. Typically, they will fix this type of issue quickly.

  • Quotes are all 0% in the Day% column. StockMarketEye will reset the daily change values a few hours before the start of trade. Read more in the section on How Quote Loading Works.
  • Issues with the data provider(s). StockMarketEye downloads quote data directly from financial websites such as Yahoo Finance and Twelve Data
    • If these websites are not updating their data for whatever (technical problems on their end, data issues with their feed, etc), StockMarketEye will also have problems updating quotes.  
    • These websites are known to have "hiccups" with their quotes from time-to-time - that is, there may be short periods, especially at the start of trade on a given day, when the quotes are not coming through. Patience is key as Yahoo and Twelve Data will quickly fix issues they are having.
    • If these websites change the way they present quote data, it may prevent StockMarketEye from downloading the quote data. 
    • First, check Yahoo Finance and Twelve Data to see if they are showing updated quotes for the securities you are interested in. Then check the StockMarketEye blog to see if we have announced any known issues there. Finally, check your StockMarketEye log files and contact us if you see error messages related to quote loading there.
  • Symbols have become disconnected from the provider. If this situation is happening with MSN Money ticker symbols that you are using, have a look at this page for more details on reconnecting the MSN ticker symbols.
  • You might be rate limited by Yahoo Finance. See this page for more information on problems with quotes not updating consistently.
  • Do you use a proxy server to access the internet? If your network (such as a school or office network) requires that you access the internet via a proxy server, you'll need to configure StockMarketEye to use that proxy server too. See our page on configuring a proxy server for more details.
  • Quote data not available. In certain cases, certain stocks may be unavailable, and StockMarketEye will be unable to fetch the quotation data for them.

If you have verified that none of the issues listed above are what is causing the issue, here are a few things you can try:

  • Click on the "Get Quotes" button on the toolbar to download the quotes immediately.
  • Quit StockMarketEye, then start it again and see if the quotes load now.
  • Quit StockMarketEye, reboot your computer, then start StockMarketEye again to see if it helps.

If none of the issues listed above nor any of the solutions have worked for you, please contact our support team with all of the following 3 pieces of information:

  1. A short list of a few example ticker symbols that are not working for you.
  2. A screenshot of your StockMarketEye window showing a watchlist or portfolio that is not updating. Please be sure that it is a full-sized screenshot as the details will become obscured if it is too small.
  3. Attach your StockMarketEye log files to your email to us. You can find out where these files are located on your computer in this section: The StockMarketEye Log Files

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