How to Configure a Network Proxy

StockMarketEye gets stock quotes from the Internet. As is often the case in a corporate or educational setting, you may be required to pass through a proxy server in order to access the Internet. This guide will show you how to tell StockMarketEye to use a proxy server when accessing the Internet.

If you don’t know what a proxy server is, you can ask your network administrator if your network has one.

Setting a Proxy Server

1. Open the StockMarketEye Preferences screen. 

  • On Windows/Linux, use the menu, File -> Preferences... 
  • On macOS, use the menu StockMarketEye -> Preferences...

2. Click on the "Network" tab on the Preferences screen.

3. Click on the "Manual proxy configuration" option. 

4. Enter the proxy information in the "Http Proxy Host" and "Port" fields. If you don't know what to put in these fields, contact your network administrator.

5. If you are behind an authenticating proxy, select the “Enable proxy authentication” option and enter your username and password in the appropriate fields.

6. Click on the "Done" button to activate the change.

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