Remove the Cash Balance Line from a Portfolio

For some portfolios, it may be useful to remove the Cash balance line. 

For example, if your brokerage uses a money market fund to store your uninvested cash and lists that money market fund as a symbol in your portfolio, you would want to remove the Cash balance line of that portfolio. This is the case for Vanguard portfolios.

Another time when removing the Cash balance line is useful is for invested capital portfolios. These type of portfolios are typically "virtual" portfolios that you are using to test an investment thesis. By removing the Cash balance line, you don't have to worry about maintaining the cash balance (deposits, withdrawal transactions) and can just focus on the investments in the portfolio.

How To Remove the Cash Balance Line

2. On the Portfolio Properties screen, go to the Portfolio tab.

3. Uncheck the option, "Include a Cash Balance" under the "Cash Balance" section.

4. Then click OK to active the change.

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