Brokerage Import: Ameriprise

StockMarketEye can import accounts from Ameriprise. The process is the same as importing accounts from other brokerages, with the addition of a separate verification step.

How to Import from Ameriprise

1. Open the brokerage import screen using the menu: Portfolios -> Import from a Supported Brokerage...

2. Select the brokerage, Ameriprise Brokerage 133 Direct, from the dropdown.

3. Enter your Ameriprise User ID and Password in the username and password fields. These are the same as the ones you use to login on the website.

4. Click the "Find Accounts" button.

5. You will now see the following error message. The message contains a link to a page on the Ameriprise website containing Frequently Asked Questions for Quicken users. You need to verify your identity on that page first, before importing your accounts into StockMarketEye. Click that link and StockMarketEye will open the page in your browser.

6. In your browser, on the right-hand side of the Ameriprise page, in the "Log In" box, enter your User ID and Password. Then click the "Log In" button.

7. After you have successfully logged in on the Frequently Asked Questions about Quicken on the Ameriprise website, go back to your StockMarketEye window.

8. Click on the "Cancel" button on the brokerage import screen where you see the error message from step #5. You will return to the main StockMarketEye screen.

9. Follow the steps 1 - 4 above again. This time, after step #4, you'll be presented with a list of your Ameriprise accounts.

10. Continue with the normal brokerage import process.

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