Can I Restart the StockMarketEye v5 Upgrade Trial?

There are circumstances when you might want to restart your 14-day upgrade trial period. Restarting the trial period is useful if:

  1. You run StockMarketEye 5 and it does not present you with an option in the Help menu to purchase the upgrade.
  2. When you run StockMarketEye 5 it shows you a message about your trial period being over and you want more time to try it out.
  3. When you run StockMarketEye 5 it shows you a message about your license not being valid for this version of StockMarketEye.

If you would like to restart the StockMarketEye 5 upgrade trial period, follow the steps below. 

Note, however, that when you restart the trial period you will lose any data that you might have already entered into v5. You will go back to the data that you currently have in StockMarketEye v4.

How To Restart the StockMarketEye 5 Upgrade Trial Period

  1. Quit StockMarketEye 5 and StockMarketEye 4 if either or both of them are currently running.
  2. Locate the StockMarketEye 5 data files. See this link for where the StockMarketEye 5 data files are stored on your computer.
  3. Move the "StockMarketEye5" data folder (as described in that link) to the trash.
  4. Make sure you have installed the latest version of StockMarketEye 5. You can download the latest version from our website.
  5. Run StockMarketEye 5. This will copy your v4 data files to a new "StockMarketEye5" data folder and restart your 14-day upgrade trial.

Note that if you are trying StockMarketEye 5 on a new computer where you never used StockMarketEye 4 before, or if you don't see the upgrade option in the Help menu, please send an email to our support staff and include your current StockMarketEye license key so we can send you a direct link to get the discounted upgrade price.

If you run into any issues along the way, don't hesitate to contact us.

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