How to Print to PDF

StockMarketEye can generate PDF files which you can archive for historical reference purposes or print for your records. 

All views including Watchlists and Portfolios (Prices and Fundamentals views) Totals and Reports can be turned into a PDF file. StockMarketEye will include all of the columns and charts that are currently visible in the View in the generated PDF file.

Steps to Print to PDF

1. Select the view you want to print.

2. Click on the "More" button on the toolbar, then click on the "Save as PDF..." item in the dropdown menu.

3. Choose where you want to save the PDF file (PDF Output File field) by clicking the "Browse' button and choosing a location for the file.

4. Set any of the various options:

  • Page Size - typically Letter or A4
  • Orientation - usually Landscape is best, but Portrait might be appropriate in certain cases.
  • Font Size - changing the font size lets you fit more or less text on the page. If you have many columns in the view, you may want to choose a smaller font size to fit them all on the page.

5. Click "Export" to create the PDF file.

6. When the PDF has been created, you'll get a notice window with a link you can click to open the PDF file. Your PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat Reader or macOS Preview) will be able to be able to print the file on your printer.

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