Upgrade Process and Pricing Information (v4 -> v5)

When you purchase StockMarketEye 5, you are purchasing a subscription to use StockMarketEye. You can read more about the pricing of StockMarketEye 5 on this page:


With a valid subscription to StockMarketEye 5, you get:

  • Free software updates (major and minor) during the duration of the subscription.
  • Use of all standard version features.
  • Access to support for questions or problems via the User's Guide, Knowledge Base and email.

 Once your subscription expires, you can continue to use StockMarketEye with the following restrictions:

  • You will not receive any further software updates. The last version you can use is the version that was publicly available on the end date of your subscription.
  • Certain features will no longer be available. The disabled features are:
    • On-line sync
    • Portfolio and Watchlist creation
  • Support via the User's Guide and Knowledge Base only. Email support is not available.

If you choose to renew your subscription after it has expired, the new subscription period begins on the day you purchase the renewal.

Can I continue to use the old StockMarketEye (v4) version?

Yes, you can continue to use the old versions of StockMarketEye as long as you want. There is no requirement to upgrade to v5 now. You can do it at your convenience at any point (or never) in the future.

Note that we will no longer be making any changes to older versions of StockMarketEye. This means that they will continue to run as-is. However, if something out of our control changes, (for example, if Yahoo Finance changes their quote feed) older versions may stop working properly.

For information on upgrading the the latest version of StockMarketEye (v5), please see this page on our website:


Upgrading and Your Data

When you upgrade from one major version to another, StockMarketEye will copy your data from the old version for use in the new version. You do not need to do anything as this process happens automatically the first time you run the new major version.

The data from the old version is still available and unaltered on your computer. You can easily switch back to using the old version if you decide not to upgrade to the new major version.

Note that any modifications that you make while using the new major version will not be reflected in the old version's data. So if you do decide to switch back to an older version, the old data will not contain any changes you made while using the new version.

What To Do If You Don't Get The Option To Purchase The Upgrade

If you have run an older version on the computer where you are now running StockMarketEye v5, it will find the old data and attempt to upgrade it.

However, if it can not find any old data, it will start you with the trial data. This also means it will not show you the Help menu entry for purchasing the upgrade.  In this situation, there's 2 things you can do to get the upgrade price:

  1. If you are sure that you are running StockMarketEye v5 on the same computer as the previous version, you can remove the StockMarketEye v5 data files and have it attempt to automatically upgrade the old files.  See the following page for where the data files are stored on your computer: Where Are The StockMarketEye Data Files?
  2. Send us an email with either your purchased license key, original purchase confirmation email or the email you used originally to purchase, and we'll send you a direct link to purchase the discounted upgrade.

Can I go back to StockMarketEye v4?

Yes, you can easily go back to using StockMarketEye v4. You can download and install the last v4 version from this page:


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