Where Are The StockMarketEye Data Files Stored?

StockMarketEye v5 stores its data on your computer's hard drive. The following table shows you where to look to find the StockMarketEye data files on your computer.

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Linux (all versions)
  • /home/<your user>/.config/StockMarketEye5

Accessing the 'StockMarketEye5' Folder

Use the menu, Help -> System Info..., to view the StockMarketEye "System Information" screen.

The "System Information" screen has links to each of the important folders that StockMarketEye uses to store data and additional files. The "Configs" folder is the main configuration folder. It is called "StockMarketEye5" and contains a number of sub-folders.

Note: The examples below in the screenshot are for Windows. Please see the above for macOS and Linux

What's In This 'StockMarketEye5' Folder?

Under this folder you'll find several other sub-folders:

  • db - This is the folder that stores all of the data in StockMarketEye  - Watchlists, Portfolios, settings, columns, historical quotes, etc.
  • autobkup - This folder stores the automatic backup files.
  • log - This folder stores the StockMarketEye log files.

Can I Put The 'StockMarketEye5" Folder In A Different Location?

Yes! Check out this page for how you can change the location of the StockMarketEye data files.

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