Backing Up and Restoring Your Data

We recommend that you backup your StockMarketEye data on a regular basis. There are 2 ways of backing up your data in StockMarketEye:

  1. Creating a backup file on your computer as explained below.
  2. Using our free, on-line synchronization service.

Note: The Backup/Restore method will backup all of your data, including preferences, column configuration, etc. The on-line sync will only backup your portfolios, transactions, watchlists and alerts.

Note: The Backup/Restore and On-line Synchronization features of StockMarketEye are not activated in the trial version.

Note: Licensed versions of StockMarketEye also create  automatic backups each time you quit StockMarketEye.

Backing Up Your Data

2. Select the location and name of the backup file to write. StockMarketEye will create a ZIP file that contains the backed up data. You should never open or unzip this file yourself as it is a specialized ZIP format that is not readable by applications other than StockMarketEye. 

3. Click OK and the backup process will run. This may take several minutes depending on how much data you have in StockMarketEye and how fast your computer is.

Restore Your Data from a Backup File

2. Select the backup file with which you want to restore. This must be a file that you created with StockMarketEye. Typically you’ll want to use the most recent backup file that you created.

Note that if the backup file that you have selected was encrypted, your license key must already be entered into StockMarketEye.

When you click on the "Restore" button, the restore process will begin. During the restore process, all of the current data in StockMarketEye will be deleted and then the data from the backup file restored. The current data that StockMarketEye deletes during the restore process is not recoverable.

4. After the restart, StockMarketEye is ready to use.

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