Sorting Items in a Table

StockMarketEye uses tables to display your data. You can sort the data in those tables by clicking on the column header you wish to sort by. For example, if you wanted to order the items in a watchlist alphabetically by ticker symbol, you would click on the "Symbol" column header.

The first time you click on the column header, it will sort in one direction. If you click on that header a 2nd time, it will sort in the opposite direction. Clicking a 3rd time will set the items back to their default sort order.

If you are not sure if the data in the table is already sorted, you can remove the sorting by clicking on any column header 3 times.

Sorting by Multiple Columns

You can sort by multiple columns by holding down the Shift button on the keyboard while clicking on a column header. The clicked column will be used to sort the data if the previous column (or columns) have the same value.

Default Manual Sort Order

You can move items around in the table, ordering them however you like. The 6-dot icon on the left-side of the row is what is called a "drag handle". Click and drag it to move the item, then drop it where you would like to place it. StockMarketEye will display a green marker to show you where it will be dropped.

Rows that do not have the 6-dot icon on the left-side can not be moved.

Manually Moving Items Doesn't Work!

If the items you drag do not seem to stick where you drop them, it may mean that you are sorting by one of the columns. You can try removing any current sorting by clicking on a column header 3 times. Then try dragging and dropping the items again.

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