Password Protecting your Data

StockMarketEye allows you to set a password to protect access to your data. Setting a password provides 2 levels of security:

  1. Password required before StockMarketEye opens - After enabling password protection in StockMarketEye, you will be required to enter the password before StockMarketEye will open.
  2. Your StockMarketEye data is encrypted - After enabling password protection, your StockMarketEye data files will be encrypted. This means that even if someone has access to the data files themselves, they can not be read (unless they also have the password). The data files are encrypted with industry standard, AES 128 bit encryption.

NOTE: Once you have enabled password protection, do not lose or forget your password.

It is not possible to recover the data without the password!!

Losing the password also means losing your StockMarketEye data. Without the password, it is impossible to access your data. If this happens, you will have to start from scratch and re-enter the data.

Enabling Password Protection

To enable password protection, open the Preferences window and go to the “General” tab. Then click on the “Enable Password Protection” button.

This will open the “Enable Password Protection” section as seen below.

Enter and confirm the password you would like to use. The password must be between 6 and 48 characters long and can not contain any spaces, tabs or other white space.

You can also enter a "Password Hint" to help you remember in case you lose or forget the password. Do not make this too obvious! It should be a hint that only you will understand.

After you click the Enable Password Protection button, StockMarketEye must be restarted to finish enabling password protection.

Now, when StockMarketEye starts, you will first be required to enter your password.  

Note that the first time after enabling the password, it may take StockMarketEye a few seconds longer than normal to start. This is because the initial encryption process will run and may take a few seconds (depending on the amount of data you have in StockMarketEye) to complete.

In case you need a hint, click the “Get Hint” link to show the hint you entered when enabling the password.

Disabling Password Protection

You can disable password protection at any time through the Preferences window. Go to the “General” tab and click on the “Disable Password Protection” button.

This will open the “Disable Password Protection” section where you enter your current password.

After entering the password, you will have to restart StockMarketEye in order to completely disable password protection.

Now, when starting up, StockMarketEye will no longer require you to enter the password.

Changing Your Password

In order to change your password, follow these steps:

  1. Disable password protection as described above.
  2. Restart StockMarketEye.
  3. Enable password protection as described above using a different password.

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